Clare Hardwick

Head of Admin
Clare Hardwick
Paddington, London, UK
Day job:
Head of Admin (but if anyone can think of a better title for what I do - please let us know)
Dream job:
Robert Evans (30 years ago)
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
6 months
Original connection:
Memorable moment:
It has all pretty much stuck in my head
Planning to spend profits on:
Maybe I'll buy a learjet to keep in the garden and plant things in (I'd also need to get a garden)


By March this year I had decided I didn't want to be a lawyer...even being a film lawyer was more boring than I could ever have imagined.  With a few exceptions, who know who they are, lawyers are narrow minded, self-centred and appallingly dull. I realised there was no Oscar for best legal services and the only recognition I’d ever get for my 14 hour days would be to given yet more "really interesting" work from my bloody awful superiors and more money than I could really spend without flying.

My first love has always been the cinema and stints working for Brainstorm Creative Inc ( in California gave me a hint as to what I might want to do instead.

Then my mum was sent an email with details of the Head of Admin job here - I had written my university dissertation on "The Use of Conditional Fees in Libel Cases" so had seen McLibel quite a few times (one of the major issues is that conditional fees don’t work for those people who really need them and only act to stifle freedom of expression when they are used by politicians and celebrities – sorry, I'm still a geek on the subject).

Never imagined I’d get the job as my background is completely normal and dull (according to my certificate I am “of a suitable character to be a solicitor”). However, I’d worked on quite a few distribution deals for the largest film lawyers in Europe…and the job was mine.  Then came a bit of a crisis of whether I could do the job, whether I wanted to do the job, whether I should just be a lawyer for a year or so....then I saw the film.  I think I am probably one of the only people who has become committed to this only after seeing a brilliant film - yeah, I drink fair trade coffee and always paid the £9.99 to "offset" my flight to California but I was just geared up for a few riots, some food shortages and to never have any kids.

First and foremost I wanted to work on a briliant film and I am - I'd be proud to be part of this team even without the added bonus that it might just change the world.

 See the diary entry of my arrival here.